In-ground Swimming Pool Construction Process


The Swimming Pool Construction Process

Prior to starting a new project, we will develop a full set of computer drafted plans; site, layout, plumbing and electrical, mechanical, and section view. This is the most critical phase of any project. Additionally, upon completion an “as-built” plan will be an important part of your owner’s manual.


To give you an idea of what to expect in your backyard during the installation of your new pool or spa, we have broken down the process into 15 steps.


We welcome you to ask your Aquatech Pools representative about any of the steps involved or other questions you may have.


#1 Stake Out

 Prior to excavation, we will mark out your new pool or spa based on an approved set of plans. Preliminary forms may be set up at this time.


#2 Excavation

 In rolls the heavy equipment to dig a big hole! In many cases, it will take just one working day to complete the excavation of your pool and remove the soil from your yard.


#3 Plumbing

 The plumbing will be installed with a pressure test to ensure leak-free operation.


#4 Steel Placement

 Steel reinforcing rods (rebar) are placed inside the excavation; along the bottom, up the sides, into the bond beam, and around the skimmers.  Firmly wired together, these rods add to the strength and long life of your pool shell


#5 Inspections

 At varying stages of construction, detailed inspections are performed by the project manager.  In addition, local building authorities will also require inspections.


#6 Pool Shell

 A concrete mixture called shotcrete is pneumatically applied under great pressure to bond tightly around the steel reinforcing rods. This results in a reinforced steel and concrete pool of great strength.


#7 Shaping

 This material is carved to the desired shape per plans.


#8 Coping

 Our craftsman install a coping around the top of the pool’s perimeter.  Options for this include brick, natural or artificial stone, and poured concrete.


#9 Tiling

 The tile is installed along what will be the waterline of the interior of the pool. Tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. 


 Granite may also be used. 


#10 Electrical

Licensed electricians hook into your main electric service and connect your mechanical and lighting systems.  Inspections of the work will be performed to ensure safety requirements are met


#11 Gas

 If your pool has a gas-fueled heater, gas lines will be installed and inspected.


#12 Decking

 The decking that surrounds your pool can be concrete, brick, stone, grass or many other materials. This is usually the final stage before the interior finish.


#13 Interior Finish Numerous color and material choices exist for the interior finish.  The application process seals the structure and provides a smooth surface.


# 14 Start Up

 Water from your garden hose or other source will be used to fill your pool.  Once filled, we will come to your home to start your equiptment show you exactly how the everything works.



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