Swimming Pool Education Program for Teens



ALL IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD –A pool and spa care program developed for today’s teens.


From our observations we have found our customer’s young teens, starting around 16 years old, are maintaining their family swimming pools more effectively than local weekly maintenance companies. These teens have the advantage of being located close to the pool. They are available shortly after a storm, after a pool party; they are aware when the water needs adjusted or the pool cleaned.


Preparing today’s students for success and eventual leadership in the new global marketplace is the most important responsibility in education today. Providing them with guidance and opportunity at the most critical junctures along their educational journey can have a profound impact.


Entrepreneurship education is an important tool to achieving these objectives.


All in the Neighborhood program helps young entrepreneurs set up their own swimming pool and spa maintenance routes.


The program is designed to allow students to learn some of today’s basic business skills at their own pace, on-line.


What students will learn:

  • Calculate pool volume, filter flow rates and related conversions and the importance of knowing these values as it relates to pools.
  • Test pool water chemistry parameters; ideal ranges of pH, Total Alkalinity, Hardness, Sanitizers and why these items are important to provide clean, clear, bacteria free pool water.
  • Adjust pool chemistry levels by performing various tests, using a standard pool test kit.
  • Safely handle pool chemicals. Product names and MSDS information must be thoroughly understood.
  • Effectively clean a pool using typical pool hand held equipment. System hydraulics will be discussed.
  • Maintain the pool filtration equipment and clean the pool filter. Determine the status of the system reading the filtration equipment instrumentation.
  • Sales: Discover opportunities to earn money caring for pools in their respective neighborhoods.
  • Business Operations: Record data and understand the importance of keeping good records.
  • Marketing: Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, Leadership, Teamwork, Ethics, and Philanthropy.


How the All in the Neighborhood program works.

All in the Neighborhood program helps young entrepreneurs set up their own swimming pool and spa maintenance routes.


The program is structured to allow you the freedom to do as much or as little as you wish. Your success is your hands. We at Aquatech are here to support you, free of charge, as you learn the swimming pool and spa industry and set up your maintenance route.


Swimming pool maintenance in the Treasure Valley typically consists of a weekly visit for regular maintenance plus visits for special situations like preparing for a pool party or cleanup the day after a major storm. The rate charged for each visit is typically $45.00.


Basic Maintenance includes:

  1. Brushing and vacuuming the swimming pool and/or spa
  2. Cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets.
  3. Testing the water chemistry and making adjustments to balance the water.
  4. Recording your service.


Above and Beyond Basic Maintenance:

For your customer you might offer other services that would increase the value you bring to your customers; things like sweeping or washing the decks, brushing or wiping the patio furniture, tables, watering potted plants,,etc… You might research the web to see what high end pool maintenance companies are offering.


Program Steps:

  1. Online training for water balance and basic swimming pool maintenance
  2. Prepare and distribute your marketing material
  3. Build your customer base
  4. Operate your maintence route


There are two training options listed below

Option 1: www.swimmingpoolacademy.com offers a $99.00 course that includes:

  1. Circulation and Filtration,
  2. Cleaning and Types of Pools, and
  3. Water Chemistry as well as a
  4. Xercise Program,
  5. Glossary,
  6. Note Card Review,
  7. Final Xam and Certificate.


The course is available to you for 30days after you purchase it.


To signup, follow the link above, click on ‘Order On Line Training’, in the lower right corner.


Select ‘For Aquatech Members’

The purchase button will:

  • Lead you through a typical e-commerce check out with credit card,
  • Email you information on how to access the course, and
  • Email you an invoice.

Follow the instructions to order training.


Option 2: For self directed training, we recommend www.poolmanual.com. You will also find it interesting to surf the web and locate all the places offering


  1. knowledge on swimming pool maintenance.
  2. Fax your sample test or Swimming Pool Academy certificate to Aquatech Pools at 288-2257 or mail it to us at: Aquatech All in the Neighborhood; 355 W Victory Rd; Meridian, ID 83642
  3. When we receive your fax, we will contact you to discuss the boundaries of the area you would like your route to cover.
  4. Aquatech will provide you with:
    1. Door hanger marketing materials with your name and contact information.
    2. A comprehensive water test kit and water maintenance log sheets. You will be able to test for pH, chlorine, minerals, salt, hardness,etc.
    3. Aquatech will go on site with you the first time you visit a customer. We will help you identify how the water flows through the equipment and label the pipes so. You will be able to properly use the equipment during your maintenance process. This is your opportunity to ask any questions.
    4. Aquatech will be available to answer any questions you have during the season. We will provide you a call line for any questions at any time. If need be, we will. Join you onsite to troubleshoot a water balance problem.


Your customers will be expected to provide:

  1. Maintenance equipment. Brushes, vacuums, nets
  2. Chemicals for water balance.

Please give us a call with any questions:


Aquatech Pools


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