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About Aquatech Pools by C.H.I

JimWith a career that began on a crew based in Oregon that constructed and renovated swimming pools across the Pacific Northwest, Jim Schmidt learned early what makes pools fail and knew he could provide a higher quality product.


Jim moved to Boise and founded C.H.I. in 1984. In 2005 we were privileged to be invited to join the Aquatech Society of Professional Pool Builders and added ‘Aquatech’ to our name.


We offer you the best value for your money!

  • We spend very little on marketing because our customers refer us passionately to their friends. Over 90% of our new business is from referrals.
  • We have a 600 sq. ft. office and two full size operating pools; one with an automatic pool cover and one with a solar system. . (I do recommend that you take the time to visit the local showrooms.)
  • We use our crews to construct your outdoor living area. By using our own craftsmen we have complete control of quality.
  • Our membership in the Aquatech Building Society allows us to buy directly from over 250 manufacturers.


Aquatech Pools by C.H.I – The APSP Award of Excellence Builder



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Our Products and Services


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10 Reasons why Aquatech Pools by C.H.I is a better choice

    • Family owned and operated; Established in 1984; Serving Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Sun Valley, and Twin Falls.
    • 8 time recipient of the International Award of Excellence from Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.
    • 12 time recipient of the National Award of Distinction from the Aquatech Society of Professional Pool Builders.
    • Our projects have been in featured in magazines such as Pool and spa Living and Luxury Pools
    • We are a listed Certified Building Professional with the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals ( APSP), 1 of only 2 in the state of Idaho.
    • We provide complete outdoor living space designs.
    • We offer guaranteed completion dates and competitive pricing.
    • We include energy efficient design in every aspect of your project. Our projects meet or exceed the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code.
    • We are a full service company. We will support you and your investment for years to come!
    • We are a member of the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals), NPC (National Plasterers Council), and the Aquatech Society of Professional Pool Builders. Aquatech is part of United Aqua Group, one of the nation’s largest organizations dedicated to the professional pool building and retail industry. Aquatech was founded in 1962 and incorporated in 1963 by a small fraction of luxury pool builders. This alliance facilitates the exchange of ideas and expertise and enables members to achieve cost savings by purchasing as a group. Today United Aqua Group is widely recognized as the most prestigious and comprehensive professional member organization in the pool building and retail industry.


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Organizations and Certifications

APSP – “The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals”

APSP MemberThe APSP is the world’s largest international trade association representing the swimming pool, spa, hot tub and recreational water industries. APSP is the leading industry advocate promoting professional best practices through education, industry standards, and safety.


APSP members adhere to a code of ethics in business and technical practices and share a strong commitment to the safe, healthful, and enjoyable use of industry products.


The APSP effectively replaced another well-known industry organization known as “National Pool and Spa Institute” or NSPI in 2006.


APSP Member Code of Ethics

All members of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals agree to be dedicated to and to comply with the following ethical principles and policies:

      • To contribute to the health, safety and welfare of the public in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs by complying with all applicable laws, ordinances or regulations and refraining from engaging in fraudulent or deceptive acts or practices.
      • To hold all necessary federal, state and local licenses, registrations and permits.
      • To hold legally required liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and bonding.
      • To respect and not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others and to refrain from using the property of others without their prior, written consent.
      • To advertise products, services and prices truthfully and consistently with all federal, state and local advertising practices requirements.
      • To establish prices in a manner that does not involve collusion with a competitor and to clearly communicate such prices to potential customers or clients prior to providing such products or services.
      • To provide written sales agreements when such are requested by customers or required by law.
      • To comply with the terms of all agreements, oral or written, regarding the provision of products or services.
      • To respond to any consumer complaints made to any governmental authority, Better Business Bureau or equivalent nongovernmental authority.
      • To exclude from company ownership or senior management any person or entity who or which, within the past three (3) years, has been convicted of or pleaded no contest (or its equivalent) to any felony or other crime involving business or financial practices.
      • To use the APSP name, logo and other intellectual property only when and as permitted by APSP, and to cease all such use upon suspension from or termination of membership in APSP.
      • To file a complaint with APSP regarding a potential violation of this Code of Ethics only when in possession of credible evidence of such potential violation.
      • To cooperate fully with any APSP investigation of a potential violation of this Code of Ethics.
      • To encourage utilization of APSP educational offerings as a means of enhancing the professional skills and business integrity of APSP members and their employees.


More information at: The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals


Aquatech Society

AquatechAquatech is a collaboration of top-notch pool builders from across the country and the world who work together to share their knowledge and talents for common good. The Aquatech Society is an exclusive, invitation-only organization. They will accept no pool builder other than those that meet their strict standards for quality construction, business ethics, and impeccable reputations.


Less than 1% of all pool builders in America have been approved to join the ranks of Aquatech builders.


Formed in 1962, Aquatech is comprised of over 120 pool building professionals, and over 100 retail store operators. They conduct ongoing professional educational programs to develop each pool builder’s capability in the overall planning process and to emphasize each member’s leadership role in customer service. Neither a franchise nor a corporate chain, it’s the nation’s #1 Society of Pool-Building Professionals.


More information at www.Aquatechpools.com


International Awards of Excellence

International Awards of ExcellenceThe APSP International Awards of Excellence honors APSP members whose pools, spas and water features represent some of the best designs in the industry.


The competition is open only to APSP member builders, designers, and service and retail firms. Many hundreds of entries are submitted each year, representing member firms from all over the world. More information at: International Awards of Excellence


CBP® – Certified Building Professional®

CBPA Certified Building Professional® is an individual who has passed all the rigorous requirements of the APSP’s Certified Building Professional® training program. Graduates of the course learn the skills and value system pertaining to high ethical standards, commitment to the highest standards of workmanship and construction, business stability, and superior customer relations. After completion of the training, all graduates must complete continuing education requirements on an ongoing basis in order to maintain their CBP® certification.


More information at http://apsp.org/education-certification/apsp-career-institute/cbp-program-become-a-certified-building-professional.aspx.


CPO® – Certified Pool Operator®

CPOThe Certified Pool/Spa Operator® certification program has delivered more training than any other program in the pool and spa industry since 1972, resulting in more than 200,000 successful CPO® certifications in 44 countries.


CPO® certification courses are designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations. It covers 14-16 hours of information from the NSPF® Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook (provided) and local codes taught by an NSPF® Instructor.


The CPO® program is widely accepted by health departments. More information at http://www.nspf.org/en/CPO.aspx


CSP® – Certified Service Professional®

CSPA Certified Service Professional® is an individual who has passed all the rigorous requirements of the APSP’s Certified Service Professional® training program. The three-level technical training program (TECH I, TECH II, and CSP) provides practical knowledge for technicians and service professionals, from structures and electrical systems, to hydraulics, pumps, and filters, to water chemistry and maintenance.


APSP members who successfully complete all three levels are granted the program’s highest credential—CSP™ Certified Service Professional®.


Afterwards, all graduates must complete continuing education requirements on an ongoing basis in order to maintain their CSP® certification. More information at http://www.apsp.org/EducationCertification/content.cfm?ItemNumber=854


CHTT® – Certified Hot Tub Professional®

CHTTA Certified Hot Tub Professional ® is an individual who has passed all the rigorous requirements of the APSP’s Certified Hot Tub Professional® training program. The technical training program provides practical knowledge for technicians and service professionals, from structures and electrical systems, to to water chemistry and maintenance.


APSP members who successfully complete the course are granted the program’s highest credential— CHTT® – Certified Hot Tub Professional®


More information at http://www.apsp.org/EducationCertification/content.cfm?ItemNumber=857


NPC – National Plasters Council

NPCThe National Plasterers Council history goes back to the creation of the Plasterers Council under the auspices of the Southern California Chapter of the National Spa & Pool Institute. With the vision and work of Bruce Hughes, the Council was formed to “provide a voice and support for swimming pool plasterers.”


Other priorities include nationwide membership recruitment, new member benefits, and new educational opportunities including a pool surface applicator certification program. NPC has a very strong foundation and vision which will take the association to new levels now and in the future.


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