Pool Maintenance Services Offered


We are a Full Service and Maintenance Pool Company: 208-288-2259.

Pool or Spa Maintenance:

Spend your time enjoying your pool, let us do the cleaning. We offer weekly, bi-weekly or customized maintenance specific to your needs.
Each Maintenance Visit Includes:
• Test and adjust the water chemicals as needed. Base chemicals included. You DO NOT have to store any chemicals at your site.
• Vacuum the pool.
• Brush the walls & tiles.
• Skim surface debris.
• Empty the skimmer baskets
• Clean or backwash the filter

Swimming Pool Openings:

Pool and Spa Openings Includes:
• Remove winter plugs, startup and test equipment.
• Reassemble equipment, lubricate o-rings on equipment drain plugs, minor equipment repair.
• Remove debris from equipment pad area.
• Maximum of ½ hour of debris removal and vacuuming.
• Test water balance and 1st application of basic chemicals (chlorine, acid, sodium bi-carbonate).
• Winter cover removal, dry clean with broom, fold and store.
• Automatic cover- pump off water and broom clean.
• Upon Request: Annual Manufacturer’s recommended maintenance of pool cover: Clean out the box, clean out the tracks, tighten and lube rope tracks, reels and sliders.

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